Creating AST Head JS for High Impact

There are two considerations before creating the Base High Impact Placement AST "Head" JS code.

(1) Does the site already have an installed AST file on the site?

(2) Create the site's first AST head script.

How to confirm if (1) or (2)

1. go to the site

2. on any page (best for home), use "view source"

3. search for the AST code by entering "dt_pu######_st%%%%%". Where ##### is the publisher number and %%%%%% is the site ID

So if you find the above-type of AST, that means we just need to update the site's AST head code. We can do this ourselves by adding code to the JS file and re-saving on our Amazon AWS bucket.

But if you dont' find this code, then we need to create an AST head JS file, save to our AWS account and then send the file URL to the site owner.

(1) Here is the Version 3.0 Code (6-12-19) f

See this basecamp: june 19 comments:

See this DropBox for the two code versions:

(4) Update the Segment

Be sure to edit the segment ID. Look for:

Replace with the code below

UTV: 612586
ATV: 612587
Motorcycle: 612588
Motorsports: 612589
Street Trucks: 612590
Off-Road Trucks/SUV: 612591
Snowmobile: 612592
Marine: 612593
Outdoor: 3458798
RV & Trailering: 1057728
Shooting: 1061564

Final Step: SAVE!

in DropBox under the publisher folder name the JS file EXACTLY in this format:

"dt_pu########_st%%%%%%.js". the ###### is the publisher ID and the %%%%% is the site ID (from AppNexus for both ID's)

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