Inactivate AppNexus DFP and Post Bid Campaigns

Prior to the Next Gen tags, we used "internal" orders in AppNexus to send unsold impressions to our DFP. Once we convert a site to the Next Gen tag, we need to make those AppNexus campaigns INACTIVE:

DFP Advertiser #223226

1. In AppNexus, go to Advertiser 223226. Then click "Campaigns"

2. Enter the placement number (just the number, no PL). Make the campaing Inactive by chekcing the box and then under "Actions>Deactivate".

If you find the placement has multiple campaigns, then make inactive all those campaigns. But usually only one will be listed.

Post Bid Order #1846477

Look up advertiser 1846477. Do the same as above:

a. Click on Campaign

b. Enter the placement number

c. Deactivate those campaigns

Post Bid Order in DFP

Also need to check that the Post Bid order in DFP is PAUSED. Easiest method is to look up the PL##### in "Line Items". If you see the Post-Bid Orders listed, then pause that:

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