Sending Client Next Gen

Now that you've completed all the steps, we're ready to send the client his tags to install. Below is the email to use:

Prepare the TXT Files to Send

(1) The Head File.  You already prepared the head code named: "HEAD CODE for pu#######_st####### Digital Throttle website"

(2) The DFP Ad Tags. You aleady prepared the DFP creative code named: "pu#######_st####### Digital Throttle DFP tags for website"


The below email is what you send along with the two TXT files:


Thank you for being a part of Digital Throttle! This email contains the display ad codes you need to install in your ad-server (assumed DFP) and in the head of your site.

There are three steps to follow:

1. ADS.TXT Please Update your ads.txt data. As you already know, the ads.txt file is how sites clarify what authorized sellers are indeed authorized by you. Adding our codes will maximize your revenue through us:

  1. Here is the ads.txt data you can copy into your current file:
  2. If you want to read more details about ads.txt here is our support section you can look over:


2. HEAD Code: on the attached file named “HEAD CODE…..” please install this file before the closing </head> on all pages in your site. This file is optional, but will speed up the ad serving we provide. This file basically determines what ads to load and has them ready to display once your ad server send us an impression.


3. DFP Ad Serving Creative: On the txt file named “DFP tags” are the creative codes to install in your DFP as “third party creative”. Be sure in your DFP creative setup you uncheck the "Serve into a SafeFrame” option. Just use these codes as any traditional third-party creative code

Once you confirm installation, we’ll send information on our PORTAL for reporting and monitoring of revenue and ads running.

Thank you,


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