Master Steps for Creating Next Gen

Overview of the Next Gen Tag Process

Master Steps for Next Gen Tags:

1. Setup the Next Gen Excel File:

(the Excel is on teh support link or DropBox here: )

2. Setup the DFP AD Units in our DFP:

3. Setup the Default (DFT) order in our DFP (this is the site's unsold/passback):

4. Setup the ADX order in DFP

5. Setup/Verify RUBICON Setup:

6. Setup/Verify OpenX Setup:

7. Setup/Verify the SOVRN Setup:

8. PORTAL Custom Actions: Import the New Pub, Site or Placements (if same day)

9. PORTAL Custom Actions DFP Mapping:

10. PORTAL Custom Actions Create Tags

11. Send the publisher an email with his tags:


12. Make Any "Campaings" for the placement(s) under Advertiser #223226 Inactive. Do the same for AR1846477


13. Update the AppNexus placement with a code containing "NextGen_#######" where ###### is the placement number.


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