Setup DFP DFT Order

This is the "passback/default" order for the site. If none of the otehr networks win the bid on an impression, this order will win. This order is also where we establish the min CPM's the other bidders need to beat.

On the Next Gen Excel, you need to be in the "DFP DFT Order" tab

1. Setup the Order

1. Click New Order

2. Use the Excel cells to complete

You will need to create a new company with the Excel Value as shown

2. Setup The Line Item

You will want to use the Excel line for this step

1. Line Name:

2. Ad Size

3. Always this

Line Item Settings

Alwys these settings (yellow)

Rate: this is from the Excel.

Only enter a dollar amount in the "Rate" field. Do not enter anything in the "Value CPM"

Adjust Delivery

Always as shown:

?? Bryan to Clrify with Milos that if the same ad unit is on the same page and fires at the same time, then this setting will work? Or do we need multiple creatives? Link to BC where I asked:

Add Targeting

1. Paste the "Targeted Ad Units" Excel as shown. NOTE: you may find two ad units. One ends in _APN and the other in _DFT. In this case, you want to select BOTH the _APN and _DFT.

2. At the bottom, click "Save and Upload Creative"

3. Setup the Creative

Note this step you need to toggle back to the "Input Tab". Future version of the Excel may have the DFT creative code on the same tab "DFP DFT Order"

Note: if the site has not yet supplied us with passbacks, then we are going to use our "PSA" ads. See those ad codes on the attachment. Continue to follow the steps below, but just use our PSA ads. (more about the PSA ad reporting process here:

EXCEPTION (new as of 1-31-19):

Some sites might be blacklisted by AppNexus. In that case the passbacks listed in the paragraph above won't work. You can identify those sites if you see a Custom Category called "APN Disapproved (54345)". See image below:

So in this case there is no passback available. We want to just type this as the third party creative:

Digital Throttle Message: Need a Default Passback

1. Click "Third Party".

2. Name the Creative Using the Excel column G

3. Copy/Paste the Code for this placement

NOTE: In Excel to copy code you need to click into the cell, then manually highlight the code. Then copy. If you just click on the cell and "copy" you will end up with extra quotation marks

4. Be sure to uncheck the "serve into a SafeFrame". Don't enter anything else.

5. Click Save

6. The creative should preview. but sometimes creative won't preview well in DFP. Before contacting the publisher to verify the code, also try previewing the code on a URL like:

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    Hey Bryan, we need to add a notification that "Allow same advertiser exception." needs to be checked as well, just like on the screenshot. 

    Thank you! 


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