Setup ADX Order in DFP

There are a few steps to complete in DFP to authorize ADX inventory before setting up the order:

Note - you may find there is already an ADX order for the publisher. In that case, just proof the lines for the placements, following the steps below.


DFP Inventory > Ad Exhange Inventory

1. Click on Inventory > URLS

New URLS > copy the URL from the Next Gen Excel


Setup ADX Order

Use the Next Gen Excel tab "DFP ADX Order"

1. Order Name is:

2. Line Item

Name: use the Excel Col A

3. Line Settings

Just change the Type to "Ad Exchange"

4. Add Targeting

Click on "Ad Units"

5. For the Ad Unit - only select the "APN" if you see both an _APN and _DFT.

6. Click "Save and Upload Creative"

7. Past the Creative Name from the Excel

8. For a New Order you will be asked to "Approve"

9. Finish all the line items on the sheet.

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