Create Next Gen Tags in PORTAL

The final step in the Next Gen Tag is to create the actual tags. This involves going to PORTAL > Custom Actions > Next Gen Codes

1. Enter the publisher number PU

2. Enter the ST number

3. Select all (or to focus on just the banners, click on "Banners"

1. Enter the Values from the Next Gen Excel

This is where you enter the next gen values from the "Input Tab" of the Next Gen Excel

OPX: Enter the OpenX Ad Unit # from the sheet:


a. The "KW" is the last two digits of the AppNexus placement. In the Next Gen Sheet there is a column where we show this. Enter just these two-digit numbers.

b. You also need to enter the Rub Zone. You get that number off the sheet as shown.

SOVRN: like with OpenX, just copy the numerical numbers from the sheet into the Custom Actions column:

Custom and Note Columns: Sometimes we need to manually update the code or make a note on a placement. These two columns are notes to ourselves for future reference. More will develop with these columns as we use and troubleshoot Next Gen for unique situations.

1.5 Enter the "Undefined Variables"

The variable is a code added to the AST head code. Base on the type of site, copy the numerical value shown. To see what type of site classification we've chosen, look in AppNexus (second image below) - or just ask Jennifer or Bryan for guidance.

UTV	612586
ATV	612587
Motorcycle	612588
Motorsports	612589
Street Trucks	612590
Off-Road Trucks/SUV	612591
Snowmobile	612592
Marine	612593
Outdoor	3458798
RV & Trailering	1057728
Shooting	1061564

2. Generate the DFP Tags

1. Be sure to check the placements you want to generate tags for by checking the "box" at the far right of all the placements:

2.  Click "Save and Continue"

3. Click "Generate DFP" Creative

4. You will see a pop-up box with the tags. Copy the tags and paste to a .TXT file. These are the tags we will send to the client.

Save the file as "pu#######_st####### Digital Throttle DFP tags for website"

3. Generate the AST Head Tag

Bryan will add more detail here on the code to add to the section show. Will be our FB pixel, retargeting and other codes. there are unique to the "Bundle".

1. Click the "Generate AST" Button at the bottom.

2. Copy the code from the pop-up box and save file as "HEAD CODE for pu#######_st####### Digital Throttle website"

4. Proof the DFP Creative

You can copy all the codes from teh DFP TXT file into

You need to see all the tags render some graphic ad

Notes: if you need to fix codes or regenerate the codes, simply follow steps 2 - 4. The custom actions will write new codes to our hosing (which is AWS). It will first delete out the "old" file and create a new file on AWS with exctly the same name. So you can fix or update code and the site doesn't have to update anything on their side.

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