DFP Mapping

This step will enable PORTAL to pull activity from DFP. If you don't do this step, imps and revenue will come from AppNexus.

If you are doing this same day, see instructions on using the Manual lmport (Click here: ___________________)

PORTAL: Go to Custom Actions > DFP Mapping

1. You have to map each placement. In Lookup Filter, enter the "PL#####" number from the "Input Values" tab on the Next Gen Excel


2. Type or past the AppNexus Placement as shown and click "Create Mapping".

You will see confirmation message shown (3) when completed.


3. You can proof the mapping, you can go to PORTAL and look under DFP Mappings.

To get there, click on "Dashboard"


4. The last placements "mapped" will be shown, or you can filter and find the mapping:

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