Setup DFP AD Units from Next Gen Excel

1. In the Next Gen Excel, click on the tab "DFP Ad Units to Create"

2. Manually higlight cells starting at A1 to N? where the ? is the last row with a placement listed

3. Past these cells in a new Excel, save the Excel as a CSV. Save the CSV in the same PU DropBox as PU######_ST#######_DFPAdUnits_mmddyy"

4. In our DFP, go to "Inventory > Ad Units". Click "Bulk Upload New Ad Units"

5. Click Upload and Validate. Then "Confirm Upload"

NOTE: you might discover the Ad Unit is already in DFP. If that happens, just delete out that line on the CSV and try to upload again.

6. Go Placements

7. This is where you need to know the approval status of the site. If all the network approvals are still pending then you're only going to do the following for "AppNexusHB"

[note: on occation, AppNexus will blacklist a site. In that case, the Site's APN custom category will be "APN Disapproved (54345)". For those sites you WILL NOT go to the AppNexus HB]

8. Click on the Name "____ HB" (in this example it's AppNexusHB). Scroll down and click on the "Assigned Inventory", click Edit

9. For speed, you can enter the "ST#####" number. Then just click "include" for all those placements:

10. Click SAVE at bottom

11. What you have done is enabled these ad units to be sent to AppNexus for bidding.

Again, as the other networks approve the site, you go back and add those site's placements to the other "______HB" placements.

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