Setup Next Gen Generator Excel

The Next Gen Excel sheet is where wen enter the AppNexus data. From this sheet we will be able to: (links to the instructions for each to include)

1. Setup the DFP Ad Units in DFP

2. Add the DFP ad units to the Header Bidding Placements

3. Setup the ADX authorizations

4. Setup the DFP DFT order (the passback to the site)

5. Setup the ADX order

6. Setup the PORTAL Custo Actions

  6a. Link the DFP ad units for PORTAL Reporting

  6b. Generate the codes the publisher needs to setup on their site

(1) Start Fill Out Excel Sheet

First thing to do after you open the "Next Gen Generator" is save the Excel file in DropBox under the PU name. Save the file as "PU######_ST######_NextGen_MMDDYY.xls"

(All from AppNexus)

1. Publisher Name

2. PU number (you can mouse over the name also and look to bottom left corner)

3. ST Number shown

4. Site URL

5. Skip this for now, you will come back to this.


(2) Fill Out the Placement Details

1. Enter the Placement number using AppNexus

2. Enter the placement size. Note don't use the name of the placement. Look lower on AppNexus to see the actual placement number.

3. Enter the placement reserve/default CPM the site has provided. If no reserve price provided, use "0.0"

4. If the site has provided the default/passback creative code, then enter that in the number 5 spot. If no default/passback has been provided, then enter "N' here. Then a automatic calculation will occur and enter a code in #5 as show. These creatives are temporary PSA creatives that we'll use temporarilly in DFP until the site sends us codes to use.

5. Enter the default/passback if provided. Otherwise, the "N" in #4 will automatically post creative here.

(3) Add in Network Codes

If this is a new site, we need to add the site to our other networks like Rubicon, SOVRN, and OpenX (more to come). See these links on how to setup the various Networks:




(4) Setup The DFP Ad units

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