Manually Import New Pub or Site

Last Rev: 1-10-19

PORTAL updates nightly, but when you have created any new Publisher information in AppNexus AND you want immediate access, two places to update:


PORTAL > Custom Actions > Click on Manual Import > Enter the PU (publisher) number

After spinning for a bit, the system will give you an alert. Note it can take several minutes (It's taken up to 30 mins before, depending on time of day [am is busier computer loads than later]. Do not refresh! Be patient.

See the confirmation screen here:


PORTAL > Left Nav "Publisher" > Search for Pub ID > Click the "cloud with a down arrrow"

The System will also spin. You will see message at the bottom left "waiting for". Don't refresh or leave page. Won't take as long as #1, but be patient.

FINAL: to verify everything has "come over". Login as the publisher.

Click on "Ad Tags". You should see the placement groups and placments in AppNexus:

(1) click Ad tags

(2) you will see the placement groups over here

(3) the list of placement tags will be down the middle

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