How to Install High Impact Tags (OLD)

We provide a single line of code that will fire either high impact side skins or a floating footer depending on your configuration/preference. It's simple to install - here's how:

1. Use Test Tag to verify a correct installation.

Install the following TEST CODE directly onto your pages where High Impact ads will be displayed. Please note, High Impact tags cannot be served through an ad server like DFP - they must be installed on the pages.

Where to install: Install the full code directly before the closing </body> tag of the page. Most sites find installing the code into their "footer" section works great.

Use this test code first:

<!--Digital Throttle High Impact Skin & Footer Sample Combo Tag --><script type=”text/javascript” src=”//”></script>


2. View the sample ads

Once you've installed the test tag from step 1, you will immediately see a variety of Side and High Impact ads. A few notes:

1. Side Skin - if you site does not have at least 180 pixels of open margin on the left and right, you will not correctly preview a side skin. If you site does not have any available margins, such as a a responsive design, you will not every see side skins and your site will only show High Impact Floating Footers

2. Floating Footer - with your production tag installed, once a user closes the footer (the [X] on the bottom right), you will not see another floating footer ad for at least 60 minutes. This sample tag is set to continue running the footer even if closed so that you can see the variety of ads served.


3. Want to customize your High Impact?

Most sites will not need to customize the High Impact settings, but see below for options we can customize. Simply email or call us at 949-713-0944 x107 to request changes to your production tag:

a. Header: if you find the test tag is cutting off the header or interfering, we can set a fixed margin for the Side Skins.

b. Width: if the Side Skins are sitting on top active site pages, we can set a fixed site width.

c. Homepage: if you want to EXCLUDE your homepage from displaying High Impact, we can make that setting.

d. Tower 160x600 Banner: we can limit the Side Skin to only display one (1) 160x600 ad as a backfill option. Just advise if you'd prefer a left or right. Or we can omit this backup option (but this will impact revenue potential)

4. Copy your high impact tag out of Portal to Place on your page

4. Copy your high impact tag out of Portal to Place on your page

1)  Within Portal, select "high impact tags" and then on the right, select the site you wish to get a tag for.   2) Select "copy this tag"     If you do not see a tag available, please contact us at and we will respond right away.

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