Why Install ads.txt


You may have read about the ads.txt initiative adopted by the online advertising industry. This new standard is a means to protect your valuable ad inventory and prevent fraudsters from claiming to sell ads on your website through so-called "domain spoofing".

The ads.txt standard is easy to implement. You simply save a file on your root directory listing out the authorized resellers for your website. This file will be automatically scanned by our buyers to ensure Digital Throttle is indeed an legitimate reseller for your site(s).

Attached is a .txt file you can either ad to your existing ads.txt file or save on your root directory. Just be sure the file is saved as yourdomain.com/ads.txt. To see a sample of the file in action, you can visit http://www.cyclenews.com/ads.txt

This is a very handy site to verify the successful addition of the ads.txt file to your site: http://adstxt.adnxs.com

Here is a secondary validator to use: https://adstxt.guru/validator/

To learn more about the ads.txt standard please visit:

- Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB): https://iabtechlab.com/ads-txt

- Google produced a good video here:



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