Email Frequency

When you first establish a subscription, the email frequency defaults to once every day as shown here:


To change the frequency of your emails to immediately, simply click on the "(change settings)" section as shown above with the red arrow


1. When are the daily emails sent?

You will receive the once every day emails shortly after 4 am EST the following morning for your selected video subscription. The videos sent will have been uploaded by Digital Throttle the previous day.  If you have subscribed to multiple subscriptions, you will receive a separate email for each subscription.

2. When are the immediate emails sent?

You will receive an email within 30 minutes after we've uploaded a video

3. How many videos will the immediate emails contain?

Your immediate email may contain multiple videos or just one. If you have multiple videos in your email, that's simply because we were uploading videos around the same time and our email system will automatically include multiples to minimize your email clutter.

4. How do I delete or remove a subscription

On the far right of the list of your subscriptions, simply click the "Delete" icon as shown:


5. What Email Address is used to ensure emails are not caught in spam?

We send emails with this address, please be sure to "white list" and allow this sender:

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