Single Video Embed Instructions

This steps show you how to find a single video and embed into your site.

1. Login to PORTAL at


2. Click on "Video Players" on left


3. Click on "Find Single Videos to Embed" Blue Rectangle on Top


4. There are two ways to find a video: (1) Search or (2) Playlist

5. Using the Seach Option:


On right top, enter a search term & click "search"

5b. You'll see a list of videos matching your search


To embed the video, skip to step 7 below

6. Using a Playlist to Locate Videos


Click on a playlist

Note: playlists with ** ALL CAPS ** indicates you'll see all the videos for that grouping

6a. The list of videos within that playlist appear


7. Selecting a Video to Embed


Click on a desired video

8. Video Detail Page


(1) this is the thumbnail you'll see in the player
(2) You can watfch the video here
(3) These are the available players you can select to embed the video - select your specific player or a general size that fits your page

9. Select tthe Player and Copy the Embed Code


Note there are two type of video player codes. If you have a Wordpress site, you MUST first install the OneScreen Wordpress Plugin. See this link for the one-time ADMIN installation instructions and tokens to use:

Non-Wordpress Site
(1) Click here to copy the code & embed on your site

Note: to check the player code before embeding, use a site like to paste and view the player.

Wordpress Site
(2) Click here to copy the correct code & embed in your Wordpress site. (be sure plugin is installed - see above)

11. Click "Return to PORTAL" to signout or continue on PORTAL as normal


10. Suggestion: To receive automated updates on new videos, click on "Subscriptions" to receive emails containing embed codes for new videos


When you subscribe to receive new videos we've uploaded, the email will automatically contain the desired video embed code to use! No need to rememeber to login to the PORTAL to find videos. You can also set a schedule to receive the emails immediately or at the end of the day.

10a. Subscribe to Videos: (1) Select a Playlist or (2) Enterkeywords


1. Click "Add New" to setup a new Subscription

10b. Set the Frequency to receive emails


Immediately - will arrive within the hour after videos go live in our system

Daily - you'll receive an email the end of the day (evening) with all the new videos in one email

NOTE: be sure you allow this email to send email (also check "junk" mail going forward and allow this email to send emails to you):

10b. Selecting Videos: Option 1 - use exisiting playlist


(1) Select from our existing videos.

NOTE: the options in caps and including asterics are real playlists and will send you ALL the players for that entire segment, such as ** AUTOMOTIVE VIDEOS **, ** MOTORCYCLE VIDOES **, etc.


10c. Selecting Videos: Option 2 - use keywords


(1) Be sure this is "None - use Keyword"
(2) Enter your keyword. For multiple keywords, use a comma.
Best Practice: for multiple vehicles or topics, better to setup unique subscriptions instead of entering multuple keywords here.

10d. Select the Video Player Size


10e. Select the Type of Code you Need & "Add New Subscription"


(1) Wordpress?: be sure your Admin has installed the "OneScreen Toolkit for Wordpress Plugin". See here for instructions and details:

(2) Click "Add New Subscription" to save

10f. Manage your Subscriptions


Edit: no method to edit, you will have to delete and start again

1. Delete - click here
2. Change email Frequency:
3. Add New:

10g. Email Format - be sure you allow emails from


(1) Click here to first preview the video before installing on your site
(2) Descrpition of the video here. You can also copy into your post
(3) Copy the video code from email here. Just manually highlight and "copy"

10h. Video Users: adding Editors, Forum Moderators and Bloggers to your video subscriptions


You can give third parties access to video players in the PORTAL. These users will not see ANY revenue or reporting tabs on the PORTAL. They will only see the Videos Tab as shown above:

To add Video Users:
1. Click on "PORTAL"
2. Left Navigation, click "Your Profile"
3. Click green oval on righ "Manage Users"
4. Enter the new user's information
5. Under "Role" - select "Video"

The new user will automatically receive an activation email from

To manage existing users, follow steps 1 - 3 here and see the list of users on the right.

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