Uploading Videos to our Video Library

If you don't have a login to our video library, please email publisher@digitalthrottle.com before continuing!


Following these steps to upload a video to the Digital Throttle TV Video Library

1. Visit http://www.digitalthrottle.tv/tagbuilder


Enter your email and assigned password

2. Click "Feed Updator"


NOTE! - as you go through the screen, the "?" icons will also provide you instructions

3. Select Your Provider Name


This is usually just one option (it's the company we assigned to you)

4. YouTube Link (Optional) - this is for reference only (doesn't upload videos from here)


If the video you're uploaidng is also on YouTube, you can past the YouTube URL here. This way when you use "Search" in the future, you can determine if you indeed already uploaded the video.

NOTE: this is NOT a URL top upload the video from YouTube, this is only reference. See step 5 for uploading the actual video

5. Upload Your MP4 file


Note the file size must:
- be a .mp4 format only
- under 140MB
- under 15 minutes

6. Upload a Desired Thumbnail


(1) Upload the thumb from a URL; or
(2) Upload a thumb image (JPG is best)

Note: We strongly suggest you upload a thumbnail sized 480 pixes wide and 360 pixels tall (480 x 360). If you don't upload a thumbnail, we will randomly take a frame from the first three seconds of the video. Once you upload the video, there is no ability to edit the thumbnail.

7. Enter a Title for your video (under 58 characters)


Note the text count on the bottom right to help. Any text beyond 58 characters will be cut

8. Select a Publish Date


If you want to delay when this video goes "live", select a futrue date. Otherwise, the video go live the same day. (note we use 12:01 am EST as the go live date)

9. Enter a Long Description


The long description is not often used in the actual video players, but serves as suggested copy for editors and web producers to use if writing additional copy around your video.

10. Enter a Short Description


This text will appear under the video and when a user views a thumbnail. Limit to under 255 characters (note the text countdown on the bottom right)

11. Ignore this Field - used internally only


12. Click Proceed to Ad Tags


NOTE: look at the bottom left corner to see the status of your upload. Don't click anything until the upload is completed

13. Ad Tags - if you would like your videos to be displayed publically to any video players, skip to Step 14. Otherwise, click Preview/Generate Feed on bottom Right


14. The "Tags" below are used to dynamically route your video to matching playlists. To see details on the Tags, click the "?" Icon as shown:


Note the goal of Tags is to define your video. The required tags to use are indicated with a "*".

15. Once you Click "Preview/Generate Feed" you will see this page.


(1) Uncheck this option, unless you have asked us to conenct your video library to your own YouTube Channel, leave this checked.
(2) Click "Submit"

Note it will take nearly 60 minutes before your videos are pushed live and available for use.

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