Cachebuster to Use When Hard-Coding Tags to Your Pages

We supply you ad tags with a placeholder to insert a cachebuster. Cachebusters ensure your ad tag properly rotates each advertiser. If you're installing our tags directly onto your pages (in other words, not using our tag in an ad-server like DFP or OpenX), we suggest you replace the [CACHEBUSTER] as follows:


<!-- BEGIN JS TAG - This is a Sample Tag < - DO NOT MODIFY -->

<SCRIPT SRC="[CACHEBUSTER]&" TYPE="text/javascript"></SCRIPT>

<!-- END TAG -->

Becomes: (also attached .txt you can use)

<!-- BEGIN JS TAG - This is a Sample Tag < - DO NOT MODIFY -->
<script type="text/javascript">
var cbust = new Date().getTime();
document.write('<S' + 'CRIPT TYPE="text/javascript" SRC="' + cbust + '&"></S' + 'CRIPT>');


1. be sure to replace the ?id=1234567 with the actual ad tag ID we've provided you.

2. be sure to insert your website after the &referrer= (don't use www. or http, just

3. Quick tip: try previewing your tag on http::// before installing on your pages to verify an ad previews.

4 If you are using SSL secure tags, then replace "http://ads.    " with "https://secureads.  "


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