FAQ: About the Advertisers You Will See Displaying High Impact Ads

What advertisers will I see? We focus exclusively on vehicle advertisers and limit high impact ad units to vehicle-related advertisers, aftermarket parts and services such as auto insurance and repair. Should you wish to increase your fill rate and revenue, we can turn on additional categories such as travel and personal finance advertisers like AMEX.

Can I block certain ads/advertisers? Yes. Your current Ad Quality settings in PORTAL also apply to High Impact ads. You can block specific advertisers in advance of installing your High Impact tag. If you see unacceptable


Why are High Impact ads popular with Advertisers?
• The ads are very noticeable and provide the advertiser with the most prominent ad on the page
• Skins and footers typically generate click rates many times greater than standard display ads
• Many advertisers use automated systems to measure “viewability”, a measure of how many ads are actually seen by users. Viewability on our High Impact Ads is close t0 100%

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