FAQ: Technical/Ad Serving Questions about High Impact

What are the High Impact Sizes?
• For Side Skins – there are two types. The “full”skin is 300x1050. Then if no skins are available, we then serve 160x600 ads in those spots.
• For the Floating Footer – again there are two types. The standard footer is 990x100. If that ad size is not available, we can serve a 728x90 in that spot

Will the placements work on tablets/mobile?
• Skins only appear on desktop and laptop monitors where there is at least 120px of open space in both the left and right margins of your site
• Footers can appear on any device or monitor size. In the case of desktop/laptops, a Footer will appear if your site if full-width “responsive” or the user’s monitor doesn’t allow at least 120px empty margin space on the left and right sides.

Where do I install the tag?
• The single line of Javascript code needs to be installed on any page before the closing </body> tag of your page template. Typically sites install the code in the site’s CSS page
• Copy this sample code onto a page to see sample High Impact ads on your site:
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//cdn1. reactx.com/2-1270189-s.js”></script>

For detailed installation instructions, please visit this page: https://digitalthrottle.zendesk.com/entries/98164728-How-to-Install-High-Impact-Tags-

Will the tag work with Wordpress?
• Yes – the High Impact code will work with any Wordpress theme or site templates.

What happens when we don’t have an ad to display?
• If we don’t have an ad to display, your site reverts to its normal look. Unlike banners where you have a “hole” to fill, unsold High Impact ad positions becomes transparent and your site looks just like it always does. (screen shot of a side margin like CN.com where the site’s default display is showing)

Can the Users ‘Close’ or Opt Out of Seeing High Impact Ads?
• Skins – the user cannot close the ads, but we can give you code to omit certain users from seeing skins (such as forum members)
• Footer – the users can close the ads with the bottom-right [X]Close button. This will block additional footer ads from appearing for another 60 minutes. Like the Skins, we can give you code to omit certain users from seeing footers, such as logged in site visitors. 

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