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This tutorial will act as an introduction to using your Publisher Portal Profile. Please note all data on the portal is reported as of midnight EST the previous day. The portal updates nightly between 2-4 AM EST. An added feature of the portal is its "responsive design" which means it will display on any device, including mobile and tablets. Finally, the intro covers version 1.0 of the portal. Enhancements and added features will be set live frequently.

1. Dashboard


1) The Dashboard is the home page for your publisher portal profile. On the left hand side of the screen you find the Side Bar which will navigate you across the site. 2) The 30 Day Snapshot is a summary for the past 30 days data. You will find earnings, impression totals, and other helpful data for your publisher report. 3) You will also find a report showing the data findings broken out by Country. This includes the eCPM, Impressions, and Revenue. 4) On the right hand side you find a Site List that switches between the websites that you own in order to show different 30 Day Snapshots. 5) If you would like to change the color scheme of your Publisher Portal Profile, use the Settings option. 6) At the top hand right corner you will find the Notifcation Toolbar with your daily messages and alerts. In future updates, the notification toolbar will be up and running and will show you messages and updates to your Publisher Account.

2. Ad Quality


1) The Ad Quality page will allow you to look at creatives that have displayed on your site(s). In addition to viewing ads, you can also ban specific Creatives or Brands. 2) To filter your ads, first select the date range, then enter the least amount of impressions you want to filter by, and lastly click on Go. 3) Once the ads that qualify your search terms appear, you have the option to ban specific ads or brands. Simply click Ban and your ban request will be emailed to Digital Throttle where we will ban the desired creative or brand for you within 1 business day.

3. Ad Tags


1) The Ad Tags page will be available in Version 1.1 (by end of Sept. 2013). Once completed, the Ad Tags page will allow you to copy the Digital Throttle Adspace tags for your webiste or adserver. Ad Tags is also where you will adjust your minimum cpm, and edit/view your default creative ad tags.

4. Website Info


1) The Website Info page displays all of your website(s) information 2) This includes the Site ID Number and Name, a link to your website(s), the number of placements per site and a link to a page displaying your placement(s) information. 3) If you have aquired a new website, click on the Create button to add a new website to the Digital Throttle Network. We will add your new website and you will receive a email confirmation within 2 business days.

5. Website Info II


1) On the Website Info page you can also view a list of your placements by site. Simply select the site from the Website Info page and click on the corresponding placement link called Placement 2) Once there you will find a list of your placements with their ID Number and Name as shown on AppNexus. 3) You will also find the activation State along with the Width and the Height of the placement.

6. Website Info III


1) You can also make a request to add a new site to the Digital Throttle Network. 2) On the Website Info page there is a Create Site button. Click on this and it will take you to the New Site Page 3) Simply fill out the Name, URL, and Description for the website. Once completed, click on the button Create Site and a notifcation will be sent to Digital Throttle to add your site. We will email you back confirmation the site has been added with 2 business days.

7. Monthly Reports


1) The Monthly Reports page will show you Monthly Data that you can also download into detailed reports using Excel to view exactly what brands and cpms have run on your sites. 2) The first date period will be the Month to Date report through the previous day. All other date ranges will be full month reports listed as Month and Year. 3) The monthly report page also include quick summary data of the reports. This includes Total Impressions, eCPM Earnings, Clicks, CTR, and Earnings. 4) Again if you have multiple sites you can filter between these by clicking on the desired Site.

8. Your Profile


1) Your Profile page displays your company's information used by our Accounting and Ad Serving System. 2) This includes Personal Information and 3) Primary Contact. More info on the next step. 4) If you would like to Edit any of this information click on the Edit tab. Change the information in the appropriate field and when you are done scroll to the bottom and click on Submit. All changes will be applied within 2 business days.

9. Your Profile II


Additional profile information includes 1) Payout Contact 2) Payment Address and 3) Payment Information

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