Setting Digital Throttle Minimums when passing back to Adsense


It can be a challenge to determine what your CPM is for an individual placement in the adsense UI. For reasons why, visit this support topic

To determine the CPMs for your individual placements in Adsense, refer to the screengrab below.  You need to drill down to the AD UNIT to get the proper number to use. Once you have determined your CPM, it's recommended that you set your minimum CPM with Digital Throttle to "just above" the average CPM you are receiving from Adsense (or other network) and provide us with a passback.  

In the example below, you'll notice that the adsense CPMs differ widely. This is because of performance, viewability, ATF vs BTF etc. so unless all of your placements are very close to each other, it will benefit you to set each up differently.  Using the first placement as an example, the adsense Impression RPM is $.56.  We'd recommend adding 10% to that CPM for our minimum. So the minimum for this placement, that you'd set in PORTAL would be $.62

If you use DFP, another thing to check is to be sure that you uncheck the "disable adsense" box

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