Disable AdSense on your Inventory!

In DFP ad units, the "enable adsense" box is automatically checked. However, if you're using Digital Throttle as your primary ad network after any of your direct-sales, you want to make sure AdSense is disabled in your DFP Inventory Settings. By disabling AdSense, you're ensuring Digital Throttle is the #2 priority order.  

Then be sure to provide Digital Throttle with your AdSense code for us to "passback" to. If we can't monetize an impression above the minimum CPM you set with us, we will then send that impression along to Adsense. This final step makes AdSense the #3 priority network, having access to unsold impressions passed along by Digital Throttle's ad-serving system.  Many of our site partners who use DFP have found this to be the set up that provides the highest combined revenue/return.

Below is an image of where you disable AdSense in your DFP Inventory. 


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