Using Conversion Code for A Link (not a page)

Sometimes you want to track conversion on a link, such as download a flier or rebate form. 


Our "normal" conversion code is supposed to be installed on web PAGE(S). The code in that case looks like:

<!-- Conversion Pixel - PDF_Catalog_Link - DO NOT MODIFY -->
<img src="" width="1" height="1" />
<!-- End of Conversion Pixel -->


But, to use the conversion code on a link, you want to add the Digital Throttle code before the actual download link. This will basically track the conversion and then send the user to the link.

There are two pieces:

a. Strip out the img src code as shown and add "&redir=" as shown:

b. Then add your actual  download link to the end of the "=". So if this was your actual link:


c. The final code would look like (the bold is the setup from step a above.


See the .txt file for a real example also:


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