Conversion Tracking Explained

Conversion tracking allows you to understand what people do when they come to your site as a result of seeing one of your ads. There are two ways we track conversions on your sites and landing pages: (1) post-click tracking and (2) post-impression tracking. Post-click tracking (sometimes called "pixel tracking") tracks people who click on your ad to get to your site. Post-impression tracking (sometimes called "view-through tracking") tracks people who see your ad, then visit your site at some later point in time.

The actions that these people take by visiting your conversion pages are called events. You can define up to four different conversion events of interest to you. Example of events include (maximum of four):

  • using your dealer locator
  • landing on a specific product page
  • registering for your newsletter
  • submitting a request for more information
  • purchasing something on your site

Conversion tracking works by inserting a tracking tag, a small piece of code, on each page of your site where an event occurs. The tracking tag places an anonymous cookie on a viewer’s computer when they see your ad. Then, if a viewer sees or clicks on your ad and performs one of the events, the cookie is connected to this event.

We report total conversions on the REPORTER as a separate column (next to clicks). We also calculate a "conversion rate" by dividing total conversions by total impressions.The detailed event and non-personal information is also available through Excel reports we upload to your REPORTER account (found under the "Custom Reports" tab).

Here is a graphic of the conversion process:


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