Side Skin Specs & Demos 300x1050

Use this sheet to see where to position the main image elements of your side skin. Please keep in mind the website has final approval over the skin ads. So please keep graphics and colors subtle and "polite". Skins are very prominent and conservative designs are required.

Suggested background colors: be sure to use fades on edges (see spec sheet). Ideal colors will be white, grey or black.  To enhance your skin, we will repeat the fade color at the edge as the site's background color. This will ensure your skin fits seamlessly into the site background. So it's important your fade colors are true faded colors - see the Oakley example link below to see this in practice.

Products/Message: The same company, logo and brand on the left and right side. The left and right products need to be the same promotion,  product or message. We will accept a different product image (example passenger side view on left skin and driver side image on right skin).  Again, all skins are subject to site approval, so best to ask before committing to a design.

Animation: animation is not allowed on side skins. 

Format: JPG or GIF, under 80K

Max Dimensions: 300x1050

Naming: please be sure to supply a "left" and "right"

Third Party?: No, skins are hosted only. Although we can track impression with a unique left AND right 1x1 impression tracking pixel. Or we can use just one tracking pixel

URL: YES: please provide URL for the skins to click to. Only one URL allowed.


Examples: (note these are demo pages, so load slower than actual production skins!)






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