FAQ: Technical Questions

What if a user doesn’t want to see Retargeting advertisements?

We require that your website feature a privacy policy where users can “opt-out” of Retargeting cookies. See this page for a privacy policy you can duplicate for your site: Privacy Policy


How does my website know to install cookies on the user’s computer, mobile phone or tablet?

Digital Throttle will provide you a simple line of computer code. Your website manager will install the code on specific pages or site-wide.


What does the code look like? Where is the code installed?

We provide you a secure Javascript line of code that is best installed on the “footer” of your pages, adjacent to your Google Analytics code.

Sample Code You Install:

<script src=”https://secure.adnxs.com/seg?add=123456789&t=1” type=”text/javascript”></script>


Can you use multiple codes on your site to identify different products or sections of your site?

Yes – there is no limit on the number of different Retargeting codes you use. For instance, you might want different codes for the “Automotive” and “Motorcycle” sections of your site. Doing this would therefore allow you to display unique ads to visitors that visited just those pages on your site.



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