FAQ: Ad Targeting Questions

How can we limit the “creepy – you’re being followed” concern?

We normally don’t allow Retargeting ads to appear within the first 48 hours after a visitor leaves your website. We also limit the number of Retargeting ads to only 2 ads over a 24 hour period (called a “Frequency Cap”)


Can we set a limit on how “old” the original site visit occurred?

Yes, we can set a time cutoff such as targeting your site visitors that visited in the last 30 days only. The maximum cookie age is 180 days; after which the cookie expires and is not trackable.


Can you select the sites your Retargeting ads appear upon?

Yes, you can specify a list of ad-supported websites your ads will appear upon. However, most all our clients allow their ads to be displayed on any vehicle enthusiast and motorsport website.


Will your Retargeting ads be seen by people that have cleared their cookies?

No, users that have cleared their cookies or block third-party cookies will not see your Retargeting ads.


Are ad reports available for which Retargeting codes are performing best?

Yes – any advertising campaign you run through Digital Throttle will be supported by full reporting. Our “REPORTER” system is updated nightly and available for online access or scheduled email summaries.



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