FAQ: Advertising Questions

What’s the Cost?

We provide the Retargeting codes and service for FREE. Your only cost will be regular media rates when you we display your online ads. In other words, the technical setup and cookies we generate on your website is FREE but the paid ads you use to Retarget users is charged just like any other media plan we provide you.


What’s the minimum Retargeting order details?

The minimum advertising order using your Retargeting codes is $975. This amount can run over any length of time. Depending on your website traffic, utilizing this budget may take only a few days or several months. See “Ad Programs” on this page for more details: http://www.digitalthrottle.com/ad-choices/


Are you required to run Retargeting ads within a certain length of time?

No, you can simply build a pool of users with your unique Retargeting cookies for later use. While most advertisers elect to run Retargeting ads all year, you may decide to only run Retargeting ads around certain promotions such as a spring rebate.


Can we report the number of users with your Retargeting codes installed?

Yes, we can provide an estimated number of unique people your online ads can potentially reach.


Are the cookie codes private?

Yes, your Retargeting cookies are coded and unique to just your company. No other advertiser will ever be able to target ads to your unique cookie codes.



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