Where to Install Your Remarketing Codes Directly on Pages

Want to know more about our remarketing programs? Click here: http://www.digitalthrottle.com/online-marketing-topics/remarketing/

 If you're using Google Tag Manager - please go to this article: https://digitalthrottle.zendesk.com/entries/95414338-Where-to-Install-Your-Remarketing-Tags-if-You-re-Using-Google-Tag-Manager

Before you can start showing ads to customers on a remarketing list, you'll need to paste the remarketing tag (small snippet of code) in pages of your website. But before you do paste the codes, please ensure the following:

(1) Ensure you have a proper privacy policy on your website. Please see this link for more about privacy policies and a sample policy you can mimic:http://support.digitalthrottle.com/entries/23318746-Privacy-Policy-Requirement

(2) Have a targeting strategy. We're able to provide multiple remarketing codes, so consider using unique codes on certain pages of your site if you'd like to target just people interested in that product. One client sold a wide array of products, but wanted a unique code to remarket to people that had just visited the new Jeep products page. Our suggestion: Use a single "run of site" (ROS) tag on every page of your site. Then as needed, ask us to provide unique codes for specific pages or sections of your site.

(3) Timing. Remarketing "lists" are indeed virtual lists of people that have visited your website. But, it takes time to build a robust list. We suggest you add remarketing codes right away to your site, even if you don't plan on using the list immediately. 

Where to Install the Codes

Copy the remarketing tag code provided by Digital Throttle and paste it at the bottom of all desired pages, before the closing "</body>" tag on the page. Our remarketing code will look like this:

<!-- Segment Pixel - Company Desired Location - DO NOT MODIFY -->
<script src="http://ads.digitalthrottle.com/seg?add=12345676&t=1" type="text/javascript"></script>
<!-- End of Segment Pixel -->

Once you've installed the tags, please notify us and we will verify the code is indeed working. We will also be able to measure just how many codes have been placed on computers over a period of time so you can measure the size of your remarketing list.

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