DFP Malvertising Notifications - What to Do

You receive an email notification from DFP with the subject "Open Immediately: Malvertising Notification!".  

Please rest assured that Digital Throttle has very strict ad quality settings.  These notifications from google tend to come somewhat randomly, and often in bunches. Many times they will "rectify themselves". 

If you received a “Malvertising Cleared” email, you can simply locate the creative in your DFP, check the box and click “Activate”. 



If it hasn’t cleared, the creative won’t let you do that.  It will still marked as  “policy violation detected” (see below); you need to create a new one instead.  


Here are the steps:

  1. Email is received “Open Immediately: Malvertising Notification!”
  2. Locate the offending creative in your DFP
  3. Highlight and copy the tag information and Creative name into a .txt file
  4. Click "Add Creatives" (see image above), select "Third Party" (see image below) and paste the tag from Step 3. Be sure to uncheck "Serve into a SafeFrame"
  5. Hit "Save". 
  6. Make sure the new creative previews
  7. Go back to the order and make sure the new creative is active (it should be).





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