DFP Key Values for Passback

When you want to passback unsold impressions to your DFP the most critical aspect is to avoid an "infinite loop".  Here's an example of an Infinite Loop:

1. Your DFP Ad Unit "728x90_top" fires and the impression goes to Digital Throttle

2. You have given us an unsold passback that's the same ad unit name as "728x90_top"

3. We don't use the impression from step 1. We then 'passback' the impression to your DFP using "728x90_top"

4. Your DFP thinks this is a 'new' impression (but it is actually a passback from step 1) and the impression is sent back to Digital Throttle

5. This loop will occur for a few seconds until DFP stops looping and the result is a blank ad.

SOLUTION: Use a DIFFERENT DFP ad unit called "passback" --- OR ---- Add a Key Value to the DFP ad unit from step 3.

1. Setting up a Key Value

Go to Inventory > Key-Values > New Key

Create a name called "passback". Okay to enter the same in "Display Name" or leave blank.

Check the Values Type "Users Will Select from Predefinied targeting values"

For Values, you would use the name of other networks that the passback will be going to. In this example, the Publisher is passing back to Google adx.

2. Create the DFP Passbacks with the Key Value Included

Go to Inventory > Generate tags > enter the ad units that need a passback

Now click "Generate Tags"

1. Click "Add Targeting"

2. Select the key "passback"

3. Select the "adx"

When you've added the targeting for the ad units, click "Continue"

Your Tags will look like this. Notice the ".setTargeting"

<script src='https://www.googletagservices.com/tag/js/gpt.js'>
  googletag.pubads().definePassback('/19362332/some_adunit_Right_160x600', [160, 600]).setTargeting('passback', ['adx']).display();

3. Update your Digital Throttle Lines to EXCLUDE the Keyvalue "passback"= adx

Under targeting, click:

1. Key-Values

2. type or find "passback" from the list

3. Be sure to change this to "IS NOT"

4. From the selection, click "adx"

Click SAVE   If DFP says that you need to name the Targeting Preset, just hit dismiss and then Save.


KEY!!! If you elect to use additional passback values, you need to go back and update this order again to also exclude those new values.

4. Update your Passback Order to Target ONLY the Key-Value

(1) The Difference is that in this step you WANT to target the key-value "adx"

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