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See below for common advertising questions and good responses:

A. Buying Ads Directly from Sites

Question: tell me the advantage of using your service over just going directly to the sites we would want to target?

Answer: The 3 advantages of going through us vs. site direct:

  1. Optimize: we move ads around the various sites. If you’re under contract with single sites, you have to manually cancel and change orders all the time.
  2. Pricing: our CPMs are in the same range as site direct.
  3. Reporting: we update ads seen (impressions) and clicks nightly for every site and ad. If you go site-direct, you have to request and manually compile all the data yourself. See REPORTER here: http://www.digitalthrottle.com/advertisers/reporter/


B. Ad Creative Targeting and Using Multiple Ads

Question: Can we use different ads for specific websites (Tacoma focused ad on a Tacoma site).

Answer: yes, you can run as many ads as you like and we will target to the exact sites.


C. How to Target Large Diverse Sites

Question: You listed a large site on my proposal (motortrend.com). But I only want to target Mustangs.

Answer: We use keyword targeting to identify specifc pages on a site featuring the desired content. We then plpace the ads adjacent to the content. This is a great method to target large sites but use a 'laser-like' targeting. See this page for more on Keyword targeting: http://www.digitalthrottle.com/ad-choices/#keywordtargeting

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