AppNexus Video Viewability Reporting

For clients, usually agencies, that want viewability measurements see below on the report we ran May 2017 for Harley-Davidson. this report has both viewability and video play metrics.


For more details on the definitions and standard for viewability:

Report Setup

The Report Explained

(1) The ad server impressions we use for billing and to compare to the client's third-party impressions like normal

(2) The number of impressions that could actual be measured. The math of (2) / (1) is column (3) the "viewability measurement rate"

(3) The ratio of impressions that were actually capable of being measured; math of (2) / (1)

(4) The ratio of videos played that were measured. It's based on column (2). So in this case, 83.2% is Viewable. Thus total impressions viewed is (4) x (2).

So breakdown:

Total Video Plays served: 9,922

Total Video Plays capable of being measured (3) x(1) = (2): 9,313

Of this number, how many are "in view": (2) x (4) = 7,748

Total Video Plays that are unknown viewable: (1) - (2): 609

(5) The number of viedeo plays (1) that watched at least 75% of the video ad. AppNexus doesn't calcuated a 75% completion rate, so you'd use: (5) / (1) = for the 75% completion rate. In this case it's 4,842 / 9,922= 48.8%


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